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Anything Else? After much distraught debating, Beckett, Brian, and Enoch are running some experiments on the manacle bed again. WHAT A GREAT IDEA!

The order of experiments goes thus: Step one, Enoch appeals to the spoopy ghosts to tell them what they'd like to see done in their horror chamber. If no response if forthcoming, Beckett gets manacled, tells the spirits to go ahead and do whatever they need. If nothing: turn on eye app. If still nothing: owies time i.e. either Enoch or Brian perform BLOOD SACRIFICE by bleeding the sacrificepire with his knife. If still nothing: WHIP HIM GOOD with a leather stripe improvised from one of his wrist guards. If STILL nothing goddamnit spoopy ghosts, clearly it is time to cut off an ear. Or possibly knock out a fang. BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD MEL I HOPE YOU'RE HAPPY.
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Exposure/status effects:

Beacon ON
Did NOT use Winter's app; lost memory of romancing Emma Blake

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[There is a click noise. It sounds as though it might be judging you.]
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Basicest of infos:
Beckett is an NPC (not an OC!) from White Wolf's Vampire the Masquerade tabletop RPG. Although nominally of Clan Gangrel, he's an independent player whose consuming obsession is discovering the origins of vampirekind, and whose chief allegiance, to the extent that he has one, is to his fellow Noddists. Vampire archaeologist, hot like Croft and cool like Jones, made of snark and lore. He is about three hundred years old, which is pretty nice for WoD vampires, but disinterested in just about everything those vampires are into, namely, power, ancient grudges, and coming up with convoluted alternative moralities. And he'd pretty sure Caine is a myth.

(Or he was anyway. He's kind of taken from after the Gehenna novel, so he met Caine in person and hung out with him for a while there and then the world ended. Don't talk to him about that. He's coping.)

Here's a canon rundown on him from the unofficial White Wolf wiki, bless its shrivelled 90s heart.

How's my driving?
All feedback, good and bad, is welcome and sought after. Please never hesitate to tell me about any problems in my playing or portrayal.

Being in his, ah, unique canon position, Beckett's portrayal gets a bit inconsistent between appearances. I'm drawing mainly on the Vampire the Masquerade Bloodlines game and the Gehenna novel here.

Fourth wall breakage: Please no, he's got enough mindfuck going already what with the, you know, actual apocalypse he's been through.

Back-tagging/thread hopping: Very welcome!

Touching/hugging: Awkwaaaaaaard.

Romance/smut: Not really. Vampirism makes it complicated.

Fighting/injury: Freely. Mun has no triggers and appreciates a good piece of character abuse.

Mind reading: By pre-coordination only, he has some defences and about ten million secrets in there.

IP logging off.
Anon commenting on.
All comments screened.

Thank you kindly, everyone!


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